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What's a good wage for your age? How much Aussies are getting paid by age

Figures released from the ABS show the monthly average earnings per age bracket in Australia Teenagers can expect to make $1,849 per month By the time you're twenty, you should be making $2,027 per month As your experience grows, your salary rises    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed how much the average Aussie can expect to earn in their late teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.   This is how much Aussies can expect to earn each month depending on their age Those aged between 40 and 50 earn the most throughout their career  The stats released in May 2016, show people in their late teens make $1,850 a month.  By the time you're age between 21 to 24, you should expect to be pulling in $3,027 per month.  When you're aged between 55 to 64 you can expect to be earning $5,286 a month which translates to $63,432 annually. Earnings appear to plateau when people hit their mid thirties - with those in their early fifties only earning only sligh